12 Days Real Estate Study Visit in South Korea by GMD, Assetrise Limited, and the Nigerian delegation


Mr. Oluwadurotimi Ojamamoye, the Group Managing Director of Assetrise Limited, shared his experience as one of Nigeria’s delegates to a 12-day intensive real estate study week in Korea. He expressed his delight at being selected for this opportunity, which took place between 1st of July, 2023 to 12th of July, 2023.

The study week focused on crucial real estate topics such as investment analysis, valuation, property management, market analysis, and development strategy. Mr. Oluwadurotimi Ojamamoye was accompanied by other enthusiastic Nigerian delegates who shared his passion and commitment to the real estate sector. Korea captivated their imaginations with its stunning architecture and modern infrastructure.

The professionals leading the study week spared no expense in providing top-notch training through educational lectures, site visits, and networking opportunities with participants from various countries. Mr. Oluwadurotimi Ojamamoye and his fellow delegates gained valuable insights into Korea’s advanced and well-planned real estate sector. They learned about investment approaches, property management techniques, market trends, and unique building design processes rooted in the country’s rich cultural heritage.

This was a great privilege visiting landmark projects, witnessing firsthand the intricacies of constructing large-scale, complex developments. The experience was exciting and insightful, offering a behind-the-scenes perspective.

Networking with professionals from diverse sectors during social events was another highlight which gives room to establish connections, exchange ideas, and forge lasting partnerships.

Mr. Oluwadurotimi Ojamamoye was inspired by meeting young entrepreneurs innovating similar projects that had long been the vision of ASSETRISE LIMITED. We believe that Nigeria’s real estate industry needs such young minds who would motivate the giants in Nigeria and to impact the Real Estate Market by studying how it works and make it work in well defined dimensions.


Overall, the experience was fantastic, and Mr. Oluwadurotimi Ojamamoye expressed gratitude for the immense knowledge gained. Learning from industry experts and building an international network of professionals, including Sang-Ho Shin, Beckhee Cho, SeungHwan Lee, and MiHin Sin, provided valuable global perspectives on real estate.

Mr. Oluwadurotimi Ojamamoye encourages anyone passionate about the real estate sector to seek similar learning opportunities. He emphasized the importance of lifelong learning in an ever-evolving industry and affirmed Assetrise Limited’s commitment to providing real estate of global standards with utmost professionalism.

He expressed his gratitude to all those who made this incredible experience possible and eagerly looks forward to new and exciting opportunities in the future of the real estate sector.

As you all know we at Assetrise Limited are committed to building real estate of global standard and determined to do it with utmost professionalism, we can’t wait to unveil the new Assetrise Limited as our GMD incorporates his learnings and experience into our system and birth new real estate developments in Nigeria for us to provide you and our customers the best that you deserve which is 100% satisfaction.

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