Hibernation Is Dangerous: Stay Off!

Assterise Limited

Assterise Limited

In every challenged economy, there are 2 things that happens;

  1. Some persons get poorer because their income can’t match the effect of the economic changes
  2. Some people get richer because they can’t think through the present value that will be demanded and position themselves in it.

Financial Hibernation is the fear of losing money as a result of inflation and other economic challenges that make individuals and organisations hibernate their funds in banks and others. Hibernation is not a solution because a challenged economy will 

continuously make funds stored and not invested in current value.

What to do during inflation and in other economic challenges?

  1. Don’t loss your mind, the negativity and fears of the unknown rather keep a positive and open mind to access current values that are required to scale above the challenges
  1. Your business income or Salary will definitely be challenged, but look towards positive alternatives passionately and not panic or negativity that will erode your mind from seeking alternative skills sets or business.
  1. Don’t hibernate your quest for investment and hoard your funds rather seek alternatives

What Alternatives are most recommended?

  1. Real Estate: Land banking is simply buying affordable lands in developing locations as a means to store away your funds for value appreciation over time as against keeping them in conventional banks which are regulated by the instruments of inflation or other economic changes. Land banking with a well titled land, well documented will increase the value of your funds during and after inflation which will in turn tune down the effect of inflation on your finances
  2. Agro Real Estate solutions: Assetrise has proven that land is not just for home ownership but can be well used to cultivate foods for home or commercial consumption. Inflation will make the price of Food higher, not lower. Food prices are soaring and this can be a better and sustainable income source for Agro Real Estate investors.

“The value of land banking and agriculture is a sustainable value creation to combat the effect of inflation and sustain wealth creation for prospective investors”.

Assetrise has created affordable and secured land banking real estate and agro real estate projects in strategic locations in Nigeria to support value and wealth creation for prospective clients.

This project will be an open ended partnership. To be a part of this, feel free to contact us. For inquiries, call or chat 08023244444

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