Why You Should Own A Unit in Palm Fortune City?

Palm Fortune City

Palm Fortune City

In Africa’s continuously changing landscape of real estate, there’s an empire filled with boundless possibilities – This place is Palm Fortune City.

Palm Fortune CityAfrica’s Premium Economy Smart City is a place where those with a vision for sustained growth and a passion to contribute to Nigeria’s economic revival find themselves drawn, but what elevates investing in Palm Fortune City to the pinnacle of real estate decisions? Come with us as we unveil the indisputable benefits of securing your future within the vibrant confines of Palm Fortune City, presenting an enticing proposition for your next investment move.


Mr Rotimi Ojamamoye, the Group Managing Director of Assetrise Limited, in a quest to not just solve housing problems in Nigeria, but providing solutions that help people own, invest and earn passive income, envisioned and initiated Palm Fortune City as a strategic catalyst for enhancing Africa’s economy potential.


Covering 6,000 hectares of land in the heart of Ado-odo/Ota, Palm Fortune City has been meticulously designed for success. Its strategic proximity to the Lagos and Seme border that leads to the Benin republic means it’s not just about owning land; it’s about securing your legacy in a strategic location.

And guess what? Whatever your intentions are, we have an exclusive opportunity for you to be part of this exciting journey.


Imagine a place where commerce harmonizes with leisure, where economic prosperity dances with natural beauty, and where every parcel of land holds the promise of exponential returns. Welcome to PALM FORTUNE CITY, AFRICA’S PREMIUM SMART ECONOMY CITY, a destination for industrial growth and a real estate revolution.

Palm Fortune City is a meticulously planned residential and commercial development that offers a thriving and integrated community lifestyle in a serene environment. This estate is designed to provide a mix of modern living and investment opportunities.

Palm Fortune City Districts

1. Residential District: This district is tailored for comfortable living, offering a variety of housing options, from spacious apartments to luxurious homes, ensuring that residents enjoy the quality of life they desire.

2. Agricultural District: An opportunity for those who have interest in farming and agribusiness, this district provides the opportunity to engage in agricultural activities, from growing crops to rearing animals, fostering self-sustainability and income generation.

3. Commercial District: The commercial district is geared towards entrepreneurs and businesses, offering spaces for offices, retail stores, and other commercial ventures, thus promoting economic growth and job creation within the community.

4. Agro-Processing District: This district focuses on value addition to agricultural products. It is tailored for processing and packaging of farm produce, thus creating opportunities for agribusiness and employment.

5. PalmRich Estate Phase 4: This district is part of the larger PalmRich Estate project, known for its palm tree plantation investment. It offers investors the opportunity to own land with palm trees that generate income from oil palm production.

Palm Fortune City, with its diverse districts, aims to provide a holistic and sustainable community where residents can live, work, and invest, all while enjoying the benefits of modern infrastructure and services.


Become a Part of an Exclusive Community of Visionaries. Investing in Palm Fortune City isn’t just acquiring real estate; it’s placing yourself in the company of industrial leaders, and tourism pioneers.


1. Strategic Investment: Think beyond the present. Palm Fortune City’s location ensures that your land’s value doesn’t merely hold steady but appreciates over time.

2. Rising Demand: As this City reputation grows, so does the demand for space. With individuals, businesses, professionals, and investors flocking here, the demand curve is set to increase.

3. Infrastructure Evolution: Palm Fortune City is proposed to have a quality road network, ultra modern amenities, and forward-thinking policies that guarantee that your land isn’t just another piece of earth but the foundation of your future.

4. Government’s Commitment: With unwavering support and pro-investment policies, your investment is in safe hands.

5. Diverse Opportunities: Whether you envision a commercial hub, a residential paradise, or an agri-business set-up, there are diverse opportunities for you in this City.


In real estate, timing holds as much significance as location. Palm Fortune City is currently experiencing a wave of unprecedented growth. Each day that goes by sees the zone advancing, land values appreciating, and opportunities multiplying. Delaying is not a choice; it’s forfeiting a golden opportunity.


At Assetrise, we’re not just a real estate company, we’re your partners in prosperity. With extensive on-ground expertise, in-depth research, and a burning passion to see our investors thrive, we guide you at every step.

From selecting the prime plot that aligns with your vision to navigating the nuances of Nigerian real estate, trust us to illuminate your path to success.


Palm Fortune City isn’t merely a place; it’s a symbol of untapped potential, boundless promise, and assured prosperity. As Africa forges ahead, position yourself at the forefront of this unfolding success narrative. Claim your share of this invaluable terrain at Palm Fortune City, and watch your real estate aspirations soar. Your journey to a brighter future begins right here.

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