Assetrise 2023/ 2024 Annual Thanksgiving: A Year of Gratitude and Achievements.

Assetrise 2023/2024 thanksgiving

As the curtains draw on another remarkable year, Assetrise gathered at the illustrious Whitestone Event Place in Oregun, Lagos, on the 28th of January 2024, to celebrate her Annual Thanksgiving event – aptly named GRATITUDE 2.0

This event wasn’t just a customary thanksgiving ceremony, it was a beautiful moment filled with gratitude to God, our esteemed Clients, our dedicated Consultants, our hardworking Staff, our stakeholders, and everyone instrumental in shaping the company’s success in the year 2023.



The ceremony commenced with a strategically curated retreat for consultants and realtors, revealing Assetrise‘s unwavering commitment to the growth and elevation of its esteemed team.

Distinguished figures, including Mr. Rotimi Ojamamoye (Group Managing Director of Assetrise Limited), Dr. Niyi Adesanya (Founder/CEO Fifth Geer Plus), Ngozi Anjogu (CEO/Managing Director AG Mortgage Bank PLC), Brigadier General AM Adetuyi (Commander of Brigade, Nigerian Army), and one of the most sought after guest artist Adeyinka Alaseyori, graced the occasion with their presence.

Mr. Rotimi, during his speech, emphasized the importance of developing strategies to navigate the challenges posed by VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) and stressed the need for robust financial planning. In his speech, he stated

“Everybody will be vulnerable, everybody will live in uncertainties, everyone is going to have complexities around their lives and there’ll be ambiguities. Every economy in the world is fixing this, every individual is also working to fix this. In Assetrise we do not just sell products to you, we sell some basic solutions that can help you plan your finances”

He further emphasized that Assetrise goes beyond merely selling products; the company provides fundamental solutions to assist individuals in planning and building their finances for a secure future.

Dr. Niyi Adesanya also shared valuable insights into the importance of valuing posterity in the quest for wealth creation. He urged attendees not to underestimate the significance of gratitude.

The guest minister Adeyinka Alaseyori also ministered in songs

Throughout the entire event, the theme of gratitude resonated strongly with all, fostering a tangible sense of appreciation among the participants.



In a gesture of recognition and appreciation, Assetrise honored Mrs. Gbemisola Ololade with the Best Sales Marketer award, gifting her a brand-new car.

Mrs. Chioma Joy Chimweuba stood out as the best staff of the year, securing a one-million-naira prize.

Zenith Bank Plc stood out as the favorite Financial partner.

The event also featured the presentation of esteemed awards to partners, subsidiaries, and consultants who have played pivotal roles in Assetrise‘s remarkable journey.

Known for her commitment to job creation, wealth building, food security, and convenience, Assetrise has consistently pioneered innovative real estate solutions. These solutions empower individuals to own, invest, and enjoy sustained cash flow with continuous increases in valuation. The diverse portfolio of residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural estates offered by Assetrise provides opportunities for profitable and sustainable wealth creation.



Reflecting on the accomplishments of the year 2023, Assetrise achieved several milestones:

  • City Ambience Launch: The launch of City Ambience, showcases Assetrise commitment to innovation
  • Visionary Garden City Estate Development: The development of this visionary estate promises extraordinary living experiences
  • Palm Fortune City Unveiling: A premium Smart Economic City Layout in Ado Odo Ota was introduced.
  • Palmrich Estate Unveiling: The sowing of seeds at Palmrich Estate marked the commencement of a prosperous journey
  • Motherland Smart City and Palmera Elegance Estate Launch: Luxury living took center stage in Lekki Epe, Lagos.
  • Pamera Court Phase 2 Unveiling: Offering land banking and passive income opportunities through Yam farming.
  • Eko Yam Festival: A celebration of agro-revolution in Lagos state, delivering one million tubers of Yam.
  • Partnership with AG Mortgage Bank: Streamlining the financing of real estate ownership.
  • Real Estate Empowerment Initiatives: Assetrise organized a real estate boot camp, pre-masterclass, and knowledge-sharing moments to empower and enlighten real estate consultants.

These milestones underscore Assetrise’s significant contributions to societal impact, agriculture, reduced living costs, and global wealth generation.



As we bid farewell to 2023, let’s celebrate a future filled with boundless opportunities and unparalleled advancements in 2024. The new year has already unfolded at Assetrise, bringing forth a wave of innovative products that promise to make a lasting impact on the life of every subscriber.

Explore Our Featured Products for 2024:

  • Prestige Ambience: Elevate your living experience with comfort and premium services, setting the standard for luxury living.
  • City Ambience: Redefining luxury lifestyle, this offering ensures an affordable 3-bedroom housing unit for comfortable living.
  • Palmrich Phase 5: Unleash a unique real estate investment opportunity, providing maximum returns with fruiting hybrid Oil Palm trees on your land.
  • Eko Yams 3.0: A groundbreaking Yam Plantation Project cultivated by Assetrise and Flap Cooperative in collaboration with the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA). Providing nutritious food cultivated and processed in Lagos for Lagosians.
  • Cooperative: Seamlessly save towards your financial goals with ease.
  • Palm Fortune City: Merge the serenity of nature with well-designed layouts for constructing your dream home, apartments, duplexes, or any residential structure.
  • Ilu Aseyori Phase 2 (EDP Estate Development Partnership): The City of Achievers – A testament to progress.

As we embark on the journey of 2024, these ground-breaking offerings signify not only our commitment to innovation but also our dedication to shaping a future where each investment enhances lives and communities.



At Assetrise, we believe in the transformative power of real estate, agriculture, and cooperative savings.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for choosing Assetrise as your partner.

In the coming months, anticipate more revolutionary products designed to elevate your living experience and financial growth. We are not just building properties; we are creating opportunities, fostering growth, and contributing to a future where success knows no bounds.

Join us in making 2024 a year of accomplishment and fulfillment. Your trust fuels our drive for excellence, and we look forward to achieving new heights together.

Here’s to a year filled with prosperity, joy, and limitless possibilities.

Thank you for being an integral part of the Assetrise family.







































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