LAND RENTAL INCOME Unveiled: Crafting Your Journey To Wealth with Assetrise.

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In a world full of financial uncertainties, the quest for secure and promising investments have become more crucial than ever. Assetrise, in collaboration with AG Mortgage Bank PLC, presents a unique opportunity through the Land Rental Income (LRI) project in Palm Fortune City Phase 2, ensuring a future marked by ownership, prosperity, and wealth. Here is why LRI is the gateway to a wealthy future:

  1. Flexible Ownership Options: LRI presents investors with flexible ownership choices. You can opt for incremental savings towards owning a plot of land or embrace outright payment. The LRI ensures accessibility for a wide range of investors with a minimum subscription of just one plot at #750,000.
  2. Financial Flexibility for up to 24 Months: Dismantling traditional barriers, LRI allows investors to pay for up to 24 months, contributing a modest monthly savings of #43,750 towards securing a unit of land. This extended timeframe ensures accessibility and inclusivity as you’re not just saving; you’re investing in a future marked by financial growth and stability.
  3. Robust Returns and Appreciation: Investors in the LRI project stand to earn a remarkable 10% per annum on their investment, coupled with an impressive 50% Land Value Appreciation annually. This makes LRI a lucrative choice for those looking to secure their financial future.
  4. Access to Loans: LRI unlocks financial opportunities with access to loans of up to 200% of total savings from our esteemed financial institution, AG Mortgage Bank. This financial flexibility empowers investors to explore additional avenues or enhance their existing investments.

Why LRI? The Answer to Long-Term Financial Security

In a landscape where the value of money is subject to depreciation due to inflation, LRI stands as a safeguard for your financial well-being. While traditional investments may falter, the value of your landed properties continues to appreciate through land banking at over 200% in just four years. The consistent appreciation of your landed properties sets LRI apart as a beacon against the erosive forces of inflation.

Take control of your finances by investing in LRI. Secure your future with us at Assetrise and let your money work for you. The time is now to embark on a journey towards lasting wealth and prosperity. Invest with foresight; invest with LRI

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