Residential Real Estate

We engage in residential Real Estate to ensure homeownership becomes an affordable asset through our engagements in Housing Estates, Apartment units, Rental homes, luxury homes, condominiums, and more unique designs of communities, homes, and housing concepts that suit individual affordability and lifestyle.
with expertise in creating estates that are ultra-modern and environmentally friendly, we have established over 9 residential estates across different states and we are committed to keep designing and developing residential estates that will help in bridging the housing deficit gap.

Commercial Agriculture

Agriculture is essential to the existence of man, and therefore it is a strategic platform for smart real estate solution provision. With our commercial agricultural projects, we have developed various solutions that integrate smart agriculture with real estate like Eko Yams, Palm Rich estates, etc.

Consultancy & Academy

With our experience and expertise in the real estate industry, we have developed the capacity to consult for individuals and groups through our advisory services on projects and other real estate servicing.
We also have a real estate academy (Professional Real Estate Consultancy) dedicated to raising real estate professionals through certificate courses that equip individuals to create wealth as consultants.


As a core component of the real estate industry, construction of buildings and other structures is part of the services we offer to individuals and groups.