Palm Fortune City

Every household of a minimum five persons consume about 96 litres of palm-oil annually while we have 24 branded vegetable oil in the market and each brand contains 75 per cent palm oil.


A dynamic community that not only promotes tourism but also offers avenues for creating passive income, providing a fulfilling and enjoyable living experience.

Take Paris, a city with a diverse community of high-profile professionals living in cohesive neighborhoods. The city offers a range of amenities in its homes, creating a fulfilling and enjoyable living experience. Our initiative aims to foster a culture of collaboration and mutual support among these individuals and businesses, providing opportunities for networking and knowledge-sharing.

 This creates a dynamic community that not only enhances the vibrant culture of Paris but also welcomes tourism and offers avenues for generating passive income.

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Palm Fortune City is a prime city environment that is sure to take your breath away! With stunning views and ample space just like paris. The City is situated in an eco-friendly environment and is surrounded by tourism.

A Place to live and enjoy life to the fullest with professionals like you. Palm fortune city is located at Ado odo ota, a place with a Great Future ahead, surrounded by giants’ developments. Equipped with fast Internet and 24/7 uninterrupted power, Good drainage system, recreational center, and street light. The city will provide an environment that is most conducive to productivity and showcase the future of African cities; with their eco-friendly policies, and reliable infrastructures.

Nearest Landmark
Nearest Landmark
Frequently Asked Questions

Palm Fortune City is strategically located in a heart of Ado-odo/Ota in Ogun State.

Palm Fortune City is proudly developed by ASSETRISE LIMITED.

0 – 3 Months

0 – 6 Months

0 – 12 Months

Residential District – N850,000

Agro-boulevard District – N850,000

Agro-processing District – N1,105,000

Commercial District – N1,105,000

PalmRich Estate Premium (Phase 5)

Yes, you will also pay for land statutory charges which includes;

Survey and Allocation: N150, 000 per plot.

Development Levy: N350, 000 per plot.

Deed of Assignment: N100, 000 per plot. 

All plots are required for physical allocation.

The land is free from every known encumbrance and no adverse claimant on the land.

Agbara Industrial Estate 

Ota Industrial Layout

Ajilete Military Barracks 

Covenant University

Bell University

Crawford University

Canaanland (Winners HQ)

Tourist Attractions

Water parks and golf course
Games and Cinema
Shopping mall
Hotels and Entertainment Villas
Residential Homes
Water fonts
Palm Tree Park and Gardens

Buyers can manage their Farm Setup by themselves or manage it through Agriculture experts provided by Assetrise at a Fee.

Yes, the discount will be determined by the Company.

Agriculture can only be practiced in agriculture boulevard district and PalmRIch District. However, only palm tree farming is permitted in Palmrich, while other forms of agriculture can be practiced in the agriculture boulevard district.

Yes, a refund can be made, however, this will be made in full less 30% administrative charges.

A 3 months period will be allowed to process the payment.

NB: Refund will be made only after the said apartment has been sold.

In the event of default in payment plan within 2 months, the company as developer is at liberty to renegotiate contract terms and conditions and will have the power to revoke the apartment where it deems appropriate.

After the payment of initial deposit, you are expected to pay the balance monthly as non-payment as at when due will be treated as a breach of contract which can either result to termination or revocation of the contract.

As a Real Estate company, we registered, with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (RC 1719178), licensed and regulated by the Lagos State Real Estate Regulatory Authority (LASSERA), and the Real Estate Developers Association of Nigeria.