Palmrich Estate

Every household of a minimum five persons consume about 96 litres of palm-oil annually while we have 24 branded vegetable oil in the market and each brand contains 75 per cent palm oil.

Palmrich Estate

Food and beverages, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical companies all over world such as PZ Cussons, Unilever, May and Baker and more all use Palm oil in their daily production of innumerable products for domestic and industrial consumption accounting for over 65% demand for Palm oil, Palm kernel oil and other by products of Palm tree farms.

According to CBN, Nigeria needs to produce about 2.5 million metric tons annually estimated at ($20 billion) i.e NGN22 Trillion to meet our local palm oil demand but we produce about 1.3 million metric tonnes internal, leaving a shortfall of 1.2 million metric tonnes (over N60 billion) importation of Palm Oil for domestic and industrial use.

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In view of the estimated population in Lagos capped at 50 MILLION residents by the year 2050, the Organization has further taken initiatives to acquire more land area in the same location to prepare for the residential transition project with the Palmrich Estate project which will ultimately transform our Palm tree Estates with very good yearly appreciation in value of the land while we also earn passive income from Palm Oil production while waiting for other developments.

Therefore, the introduction of Palmrich Estate phases will cut across three (3) different Geographical locations including the renowned location, as follows:

Frequently Asked Questions

PalmRich Estate is a unique estate idea conceived by Assetrise which starts as a palm tree farm, where individuals and groups can generate passive income from. And it aims to be converted into a premium estate in the future.

 PalmRich Estate, Phases 1, 2 and 3 are located in Ketu-Epe, Lagos.

PalmRich Estate, Phase 4 is located in Ado-Odo/Ota Ogun State.

 Palmrich Estate, Phase 5 is located in Lagelu, Iwo-road, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Palmrich Estate, Phase 6 is located in Ado-Odo, Ota, Ogun State.

PalmRich Estate Phases 1, 2 and 3 – Registered Survey and C of O in view.

PalmRich Estate Phases 4 – Registered Survey and C of O.

PalmRich Phase 5 Estate – C of O

PalmRich Estate Phases 6 – Registered Survey and C of O.

The land is free from every known encumbrance and no adverse claimant on the land.

Minimum purchases are

PalmRich Estate Phases 3, and 4 – 500sqm(plot)

PalmRich Estate Phases 3, – 1 plot

PalmRich Estate Premium – 1 Hectare

PalmRich Phase 3, Epe – #3,500,000 per plot.

PalmRich Phase 4, Ado/Odo-Ota – #850,000 per plot.

PalmRich Phase 5, Ibadan – #2,000,000 per plot

PalmRich Phase 6 – Ado/Odo-Ota – 495,000 per plot

Buyers are issued reciept of payment, Contract of Sale, and a Deed of Assignment within 48 hours of full payment of Land Cost and Statutory Charges.

Yes, aside land cost, you’ll also pay for land statutory charges which includes;

Phase 3 –

 Survey and Allocation fee: N300, 000 per plot.

 Development Levy: N600, 000 per plot.

 Deed of Assignment: N100, 000 per plot.

Total =  N1,000,000

All are required for physical allocation.


Phase 4 –

 Survey and Allocation fee: N150, 000 per plot

 Development Levy: N350, 000 per plot

 Deed of Assignment: N100, 000 per plot. 

Total = N600,000

All plots are required for physical allocation.

Phase 5 –

 Survey and Allocation fee: N300, 000 per plot

 Development Levy: N400, 000 per plot

 Deed of Assignment: N100, 000 per plot. 

Total = N800,000

All plots are required for physical allocation.


PalmRich Premium –

• Survey and Allocation fee – N2,400,000 per

• Development fees N5,600,000

• Deed of Assignment – N200,000

Total = N8,200,000

All hectares are required for physical allocation.


Assetrise has a team of experts in Palmtree farming and palm oil processing who are capable of managing the farm on behalf of the buyer

15% Land Rental Income is only applicable to PalmRich Premium for the first 2 years of your subscription.

Note: Statutory charges and land cost must have been fully paid for before counting on your rental income

Yes, management fees will be paid. But for the first 3 years of cultivation, management fees will not be paid, as the palm trees on the farm will be intercropped with other crops which will be sold to cover up for the management fees.

You are required to spread payment of land and statutory charges within the payment duration you have signed in for.

When the Palm Trees start fruiting, Assetrise will continue to manage the farm in the area of harvesting, processing and packaging. An agreement will be reached with the owner to arrive at a management fee.

Yes, we have the buy to sell option which fetches the buyer up to 80% profit on their funds.

Yes. Buy 10 plots and get one free

 We strongly advise that all payments should be made to:

Account Number: 1017749896


We shall not take any responsibility for any liability that may arise as a result of deviation from the above instruction.

Yes, Less 45% administration fee. A 3-month period would be allowed to process the payment.

Yes, But the company has to be duly informed for proper documentation.

Yes. Where it is  discovered that the purchase of the property or any deposit in fulfilment of a financial obligation under this subscription for and subsequent contract by the Subscriber or buyer was made from a proceed of crime or illegal means, the Company shall be  obligated to release the details of such transactions to the appropriate authorities and adhere to further directives of the regulatory agency and/or law enforcement when required without recourse to the Subscriber. The Subscriber attests that the funds used in the purchase of the property is not a proceed of crime

All Payment Plans chosen are signed and agreed by the customers. Hence if any customer defaults on a 0-3 months payment plan, such customer will automatically be upgraded to a 0-6 months payment plan which attracts 10% additional Charges.
If a Customer default on 0-6 Months payments plan, Such customer will automatically be upgraded to a 0-12 Months payment plan which attracts 20% additional Charges and Customers who defaults on a 0-12 Months payment plan without a notification will receive a termination.


The Projection for PalmRich Estate is not a payment obligation to the landlords, but a projection of what a PalmRich landlord can earn yearly with respect to their Palm Tree farms.

The company shall deliver unto the Purchaser lands in accordance with the terms of contract. In terms of farm management, any fees or compensation plan shall be subject to proposals, disclosures of the company and the contract terms between parties.